Manage Change.
Nurture Harmony.
At MJJ Communications & Coaching, we develop life coaching programs and communications strategies for businesses and individuals that address the challenges of changing environments. In essence, we give you the tools and guidance to manage change and nurture harmony.

Do you ever wonder why things are not running as smoothly in your personal life or workplace as they once did? Are you a caregiver for a family member who feels like you just can't catch a break from the stress? How about starting or changing your career? Is it too much to handle? Or, do you have dreams of running your own business because you've become numb to the mundane nature of your day-to-day?

The good news is there are very practical and realistic solutions that empower us no matter what the situation.

Licensed Facilitator with
Get Clients Now!TM

As a life coach, I help individuals overcome personal and professional hurdles to arrive at their best “selves.” I have a special passion for caregivers. Our world is in great need of you, our healers, to bring peace and harmony to yourselves, and those you love.    
Thousands of independent professionals have taken their businesses to the next level, getting clients through this program. Why not you? It has been road tested by readers since 1999 and taught by hundreds of licensed facilitators. Contact me for more information. 
For ten years, the Standards for Excellence Institute has continued to build a national network of qualified consultants licensed to provide training, consulting, and support on the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector.

As a Licensed Consultant with the Standards for Excellence Institute, I access and apply the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to work with nonprofit organizations across the country interested in learning about, conducting self assessments, implementing change, and becoming accredited in the Standards for Excellence program. Contact me for more information.​