Mary Jermann
President & Coach

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a communications strategist and life coach. I love working with people to achieve harmony within their workplaces, communities and families.
When work or personal life gets the best of us, we are best served when we reach out to experts for support and guidance.
That’s where my expertise developing award-winning communications, training and coaching programs comes in handy. Over 25 years of my career has been spent in corporate positions within both financial services, HR and business consulting. Most recently, I established a business focusing on my passion. I provide life coaching sessions, both one-on-one and as part of broader programs and events.
What makes it remarkable is witnessing my clients achieve the peace and happiness they have been seeking all along.
Client Testimonial
First, I wanted to address was this general public attitude that self-knowledge and self-actualization fall into the category of "touchy-feely" stuff that only applies to yoga instructors, massage therapists, and psychics. Wrong! I think people undervalue this sort of thing because it is completely intangible. That's why I love (for instance) that exercise of "Who am I with that thought / Who am I without that thought?"

Anyway, I remember having a lot of confusing thoughts throughout the whole process of finding a job, and I remember Mary's challenging me at every step along the way to find out what truly makes me happy. I really believe that I could have easily "settled for less" if it hadn't been for our conversations. So, in my opinion, she not only helped me with the surface details of getting together a resume and interviewing to get a job, but she also helped me consider some deeper questions that went beyond just closing a deal.

Once I arrived at my employer, a lot of my instincts kicked in and I picked it up immediately. And it continues to be like that -- I am always finding new projects that interest me and new opportunities here, with considerable ease. THAT is the "secret sauce" -- it's not just about getting a job, but about getting one that makes you feel like you are a growing and flourishing.